Core Values

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  • Trust & Transparency

    We have built and enabled ecosystem which runs on trust and transparency. As multistate IT Cooperative society owned and managed by IT Professionals, we are growing with our members with diverged IT technology background. We are accountable to our all stakeholders for our actions that ensure our commitments towards our customers and society.

  • Inclusion

    We aim to provide equal opportunities to all IT professionals to build sustainable society. As a part this process, we are ensuring participation from people of all geographies including urban and rural part of the society. We work towards upliftment of our members, customers, cooperative societies and the nation by providing equal opportunities to all people belonging to all segments of the society.

  • Equality

    Each member of IT cooperative benefit from the same rights, based on their level of contribution. We adhere to a common set of principles expressing their foundational values of democracy, equality, self-help, self-responsibility and solidarity

  • Delivering Values

    We are committed to deliver the right-fit solutions to achieve maximum value as envisioned by our customers to achieve their business goal. Our moto is to exceed customer’s expectations through flawless delivery of products and services delivery. Continuous improvement is followed as a practice to raise the quality of service.

Social Impact

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  • Innovative Social Impact

    BitITCo Works towards narrowing the gap in digital access and literacy, offer affordable IT solutions or services to underserved communities. We offer technology-focused internships, or apprenticeships to students pursuing IT-related fields, particularly these from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Advocate for the responsible and ethical use of technology. Develop and adhere to guidelines that prioritize privacy, security, and data protection. Raise awareness about potential risks to society and provide guidance on best practices for cybersecurity and online safety.

    In a long-term commitment. BitITCo can make a meaningful difference and create a positive social impact as an IT solutions-based company while continuously evaluating and refining cooperative strategies to align with evolving societal needs and technological advancements.

  • Building a sustainable Nation

    BitITCo is a IT solution and service based cooperative aiming to promote sustainability solution, by delivering IT enabled solutions which can help customers to reduce their environmental footprint or achieve sustainability goals.

    BitITCo would emphasize the benefits of its sustainable products or services through. To demonstrate the cooperative's commitment to sustainability, we promote Green Energy Initiatives in our IT solution’s offering toward our customers for the sustainable environment.

    BitITCo would collaborate and measure the sustainability metrics to measure and report key metrics regularly. This data could be used to highlights the progress made towards achieving sustainability goals, showcasing BitITCo's environmental and social impact.

  • Giving back to Society

    BitITCo is IT cooperative society made by experienced and pioneer IT Professional, We implement mentorship programs where experienced IT professionals from BitITCo can provide guidance and support to individuals from marginalized/under-privileged communities. By pairing mentors with mentees, BitITCo can help bridge the knowledge gap and provide valuable industry insights. Additionally, offering internship programs to students and individuals from these communities will provide practical exposure and enhance their employability.

    We promote diversity and inclusion within BitITCo itself by implementing policies that encourage the hiring and advancement of individuals from marginalized backgrounds. By fostering an inclusive work environment, BitITCo can serve as a role model for other companies and inspire them to prioritize diversity in their hiring practices.